How do Trendex tournaments work?

Trendex tournaments allow you to earn money by betting on future real-life talents: athletes, artists, influencers. Choose your team of 4 talents to participate in our tournaments and try to win the 6000€ that are at stake every week!

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How to start on Trendex?

With Trendex you can share the success of your favorite talents based on their performance in real life.

Step 1

 I create my free account and configure it in 3 minutes

Step 2

I invest in my favorite talents in a few clicks from $20.

Step 3

I choose my team to generate passive income every week.

How is talent performance calculated?

Our algorithm takes 3 criteria for the calculation of the performance of the week:

The number of engaged followers on the social networks of your talent: In other words, the number of real fans (not just followers) the talent actually has around him, who follow his life on a daily basis. Big audience = big value.

The progression of the number of followers, up or down. This gives the chance to the little talents not yet famous to make a good score if they progress regularly!

The Sentiment Analysis, in other words the quality of the fans' reactions. A spectacular goal, a new album that is a hit? The Sentiment will probably explode.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

Withdrawing your winnings is simple, each week a price money is distributed to each best team

The prize is transferred to your account in the form of credits to be spent on Trendex. You can reinvest your winnings by buying new talents or by buying more shares of the talents you already own!

If you prefer to convert your credits into euros, you just have to sell your shares to other users of the platform. You will then have the possibility to make a bank withdrawal of this amount.

To make a withdrawal, simply click on the option once in your wallet

How to choose the best team?

To choose the best team...

Trendex is a game of prediction and knowledge of your favorite stars. Do you think that young basketball player that you have been following since his debut will explode this year? Choose him in your team. Rumors of a good transfer coming for that soccer player? Pick him from your team.

Alternatively, you can also trust the Trendex score, which is both a career and social performance index. Our scores are updated daily by algorithms that search online for all these data.

Our customers talk about us

+ More than 30,000 people have placed their trust in Trendex

"I discovered Trendex by chance and I find the concept exceptional. I've already won two tournaments and even when I don't make the podium I generate winnings."
"It's much easier to know if a person is going to be successful than a company. For me it's really a revolutionary concept. I'm a soccer fan and I'm sure I'll make a big splash by choosing the right profiles early!"
"For me, Trendex really reinvents the relationship between a talent and their audience by allowing their fans to share in their success. I am no longer a spectator, I live the success of my idols with them."

Our investors

The biggest tech entrepreneurs in France and in the world have invested in Trendex.