Trendex arrives in the USA

The long-awaited arrival of Trendex in the United States is imminent. This revolutionary investment and Play-To-Earn platform, focused on investing in up-and-coming talent as well as established champions and legends of various sports, promises a stunning entry into the US market.

A Vast Choice of Talents

What makes Trendex stand out even more on the American market is its impressive range of talents, whose cards you can collect to play in tournaments, and win increasingly higher prizes against other players. The diversity of talent on Trendex ranges from footballers to youtubers, and includes basketball players too. Basketball players in particular capture the attention of the platform's American users. With French NBA stars such as Tony Parker, Rudy Gobert, or more recently Victor Wembanyama, the public recognizes that among the talents on our platform potentially lies the next basketball icon.

Why the United States?

By combining entertainment with short- and long-term investment, Trendex offers a truly unique experience for both sports fans and investors. We are aware that the US market is showing a keen interest in products of this nature. That's why we're banking on Trendex's key features to set us apart and build a solid user base in this region. Targeting an English-speaking audience also enables us to broaden our footprint to other horizons and continue our global expansion.

We are motivated by several key objectives:

  • Affinity of the American public with products like ours: We are aware that the American public is receptive to products offering a combination of entertainment and investment opportunities. By capitalizing on this affinity, we aim to meet their growing needs and expectations.
  • Opening up to a new audience: Entering the US market represents an exciting opportunity for Trendex to expand its reach and attract new users. We're determined to deliver an exceptional experience that will appeal to sports enthusiasts and investors alike, while introducing our platform to a diverse and dynamic audience.
  • Opening up to the rest of the world: By capturing the attention of an English-speaking audience in the U.S., we're creating a solid foundation for expanding our presence internationally. This will facilitate our expansion into other parts of the world, and enable us to cross language barriers with ease.
  • Integration of renowned international talent: By welcoming internationally renowned talent to our platform, we strengthen our appeal and credibility in the world of sports and entertainment. These strategic partnerships contribute to enriching the user experience and positioning Trendex as an essential reference.

To the United States... and beyond!

As you can see, Trendex's expansion in the United States is just the beginning of an ambitious global expansion. After penetrating the Spanish-speaking market by translating the app into Spanish, and including Saudi Arabian currencies in the launch of our Karim Benzema legend, we are now expanding our presence in Italy through collaboration with a number of influencers. In addition, we are currently exploring our opportunities in several fast-growing Asian markets. Join Trendex now, and be part of this adventure with us!