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Trendex allows you to buy, sell and play with your favorite athletes and artists. Choose the best talents and share their success!

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Our Talents

Already 60+ talents under contract

Koba LaD (14 gold records), Wejdene (top 3 FR music) or Andy Delort (top 5 best scorers 2022 with Mbappé and Dembele). Artists, singers, influencers, sportsmen... Future great hopes or already established celebrities!

All the talents on the platform have a long-term contract with Trendex limiting the quantity of shares available and guaranteeing the use of their image in the game. The rarity of your tokens is legally protected, talent by talent.

Artists & Singers

The greatest artists of the new generation: Wejdene, Yanns, RK, are on Trendex, ready to share their success.

Professional sportsmen and women

NBA basketball prospects, top players of the French League 1 and the French national team share their victories with you on Trendex.

Choose the best talents, build your team and earn rewards!

Buy tokens, real "talent shares" linked to the sports and audience performance of the greatest champions. Build a team with your tokens and participate in competitions based on individual talent performance.

Tokens are in limited edition; buy them when the value goes down or is low, to aim for an increase when the demand increases.

Choose the best performing tokens and earn rewards by playing every 3 days in the Trendex tournament!

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Why buy talent shares today?

Get an early start on the best talents of tomorrow and follow their evolution

Each talent is divided into 100,000 very limited edition tokens that you can buy and sell. These shares increase in value according to their popularity and performance. Buy and sell your shares at the best time and to earn money!

In addition, each share earns you a passive income paid weekly to your account according to the performance of each talent through the Trendex tournament.

Become the master of the competition and win!

Are you a fan of rap, soccer or basketball?

Every week, two tournaments to compete with other players with your team of talents, based on their performance score which evolves every day.

Join a privileged club

Exclusive concert tickets, in-person events, personalized dedications...
The talents present on Trendex commit themselves to offer exclusive perks for their most faithful fans. The more shares you have, the more you can get.

Our customers talk about us

+ More than 15,000 people have placed their trust in Trendex

"I discovered Trendex by chance and I find the concept exceptional. I've already won two tournaments and even when I don't make the podium I generate winnings."
"It's much easier to know if a person is going to be successful than a company. For me it's really a revolutionary concept. I'm a soccer fan and I'm sure I'll make a big splash by choosing the right profiles early!"
"For me, Trendex really reinvents the relationship between a talent and their audience by allowing their fans to share in their success. I am no longer a spectator, I live the success of my idols with them."

How does it work?

With Trendex, you can share the success of your favorite talents by buying tokens linked to their performance.

Step 1

 I create my free account and configure it in 3 minutes

Step 2

I invest in my favorite talents in a few clicks from $20.

Step 3

I generate passive income every week, enjoy my exclusive perks and trade my shares at the right time to earn money!

Our investors

The biggest tech entrepreneurs in France and in the world have invested in Trendex.

trendex Roadmap

Q1 2022 - Crypto Payment


We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana...

Q4 - 2022
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Exchange your talents instantly based on real-time insights.

Q2 - 2023

Decentralization of the platform.

Q3 2023 - Rewards

Rewards every week, based on the performance of your talents in real life.

Q1 - 2023

Participate in the launch of our TDX token and get benefits.

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