Karim Benzema makes his first Tech investment by joining Trendex

The Franco-American startup that allows you to invest in the talent and potential of tomorrow's stars stars of tomorrow

  • Karim Benzema becomes ambassador and investor of Trendex
  • Created in 2021, Trendex is supported by Y Combinator
  • The application already has 150 talents and +30,000 users (+30% each month)

Paris, April 13, 2023 - Karim Benzema, French international soccer player and current Ballon d'Or winner, becomes an investor and ambassador of Trendex. A Franco-American platform supported by YCombinator, Trendex has developed an application that allows investors to invest in talent and to bet, from the very beginning, on the potential success of the great stars of tomorrow.

As a brand ambassador, Karim will participate alongside the founders of the company to explain the functioning and the model of Trendex as well as the major role that the platform intends to play in the capacity to identify, finance, accompany and make known young talents with exceptional potential for success - sportsmen, artists, content creators.

This is Karim Benzema's very first investment in a startup.

"Over the course of my career, I've had to work hard to earn each of my wins. Trendex's mission is to allow fans to be a part of the next generation of talent's career, by directly supporting them and giving them the chance to succeed. It's an ambitious challenge that I've decided to take on with them..." Karim Benzema

A few weeks ago, Rudy Gobert, French Basketball international playing in the NBA and the highest-paid French sportsman in the USA had also invested in the tricolor nugget.

Launched at the end of 2021, Trendex is an application that reinvents the relationship between talent and their fans. It allows its users toinvest in the potential of artists, sportsmen or content creators who have exceptional talents and to support the development of their careers. By betting on emerging talents, who present a rare potential, by anticipating their capacity to achieve exceptional performances and to impose themselves as emblematic personalities of their discipline in fields as varied as sport, music, social networks or cinema, Trendex users participate actively in the development of the notoriety and attractiveness of talents. In addition to its investment platform, the application allows users to follow their favorite talents on a daily basis and to participate in events that allow them to win exclusive prizes according to the performances of the talents they own.

With Trendex, fans can turn their knowledge of the game and their passion into a real source of income by participating in tournaments and challenges organized on the application, based on the real life events of the talents. This fun investment model allows fans to actively participate in the development of their favorite talents' careers, follow their news and bet on their future performances while sharing their analysis and predictions with other fans. The platform's mission is to help young talents - athletes or artists - finance their beginnings and develop their popularity and notoriety, accelerating a whole new generation of promising talents and encouraging vocations.

With more than 150 talents under contract, ranging from promising young athletes to international stars and more than 30,000 users (with a crazy growth of +30% every month), Trendex is backed by leading investors including the prestigious Y Combinator (behind successes such as AirBnB, Twitch, Coinbase, OpenSea...) and major Tech and Entertainment entrepreneurs.

Every week, two new talents from various sports sectors and disciplines, including soccer and basketball, are introduced on the platform. High level stars, such as Yoann Makoundou of the French basketball team, Renato Sanches of PSG, Ronald Araujo of FC Barcelona, Jesse Lingard Europa League champion... But also promising young talents whose potential could very quickly reveal itself like Lisandru Olmeta of AS Monaco, goalkeeper of the French U17 Football Team who seems to be a great opportunity for the future, or the young Nadir Hifi, promised to a brilliant destiny in international basketball.

Invest in talent and redefine your relationship with your fanbase

On Trendex, users buy "shares"(tokens) of a personality's digital twin and invest in the value and development potential of his or her career. The talent's rating is based on a performance score, itself built from the analysis of its professional achievements and notoriety. The number of likes, views on the networks, streams, fan interaction but also the outstanding events on the field, make his rating on the Trendex application fluctuate. For each of them, a defined number of shares are available for purchase and, for most of the talents, a time-limited exclusivity contract is signed to limit the quantity of shares available and protect their rarity.

"By investing in a talent through the acquisition of tokens from its digital twin, fans are even more involved in their daily news, closer to the talent. They are able to make predictions about their professional future and chat with other enthusiasts for hours...Trendex offers them the opportunity to be part of the career of current and future stars in a way that has never been possible before by sharing in their success. Being able to bet early on the career and success of the next golden ball is now a reality", says Andrea Bonapersona, co-founder and CEO of Trendex.

Trendex, which shares its profits with young talent, is on a mission to accelerate careers and bring out of the shadows talent that would otherwise have failed, due to lack of guidance, finance or encouragement. Trendex tokens have seen an average increase in value of +127% since their launch in 2021, some having already reached up to 10 times their initial value, especially for profiles that demonstrate real performance such as Andy Delort for soccer or Yoan Makoundou for basketball. Moreover, Trendex allows the owners of tokens to obtain additional gains, especially thanks to the numerous tournaments between fans organized by the platform, whose prizes are already counted in hundreds of thousands of euros. Trendex also offers a series of privileges reserved for owners of tokens, with a view to making events more special (signed objects, exclusive meetings, etc.) The profits from the resale of shares, bonuses and competitions can either be withdrawn to a bank account or reinvested in new talent, thus increasing the active participation of fans in the careers of future international nuggets. Trendex has every chance of establishing itself as an international leader and allowing billions of fans to support the success of the next generation of great talent.

About Trendex

Launched in 2021 by Nicolas Alfonsi, co-founder of the French unicorn JellySmack, serial entrepreneur Andrea Bonapersona, founding CTO of the unicorn JellySmack Nicolas Alfonsi and by Jean-Joseph Mariani, Trendex allows its users to invest in the talent and potential of tomorrow's stars while feeding their passion by participating in tournaments and challenges. The application redefines the relationship between talent and its fanbase by allowing its users to bet and get rich on the success, performances and potential of emblematic personalities in fields as varied as sports, music, social networks or cinema. Trendex, which today has 150 talents and +30,000 users (growing by +30% every month), is supported by leading investors including Y Combinator and entrepreneurs from the Tech and Entertainment sectors.https://trendex.vip)