Zinedine Zidane and Trendex join forces for a gala match in Marseille

Trendex and world champion and legend Zinedine Zidane join forces for a star-studded soccer charity event in support of a children's charity.

Marseille is about to vibrate to the rhythm of soccer as the Salon du Football opened its doors at the Z5, a venue well known for its electric atmosphere and sports enthusiasts. A series of exciting events, conferences and activities welcomed football fans, but the highlight of this eagerly-awaited event was undoubtedly the gala match featuring celebrities from all walks of life.

Zinédine Zidane, the legendary soccer player and coach, will take to the field at Z5, alongside a host of other famous personalities including Djibril Cissé, Ricardinho and David Beckham... Each of these talents will bring his or her charisma and talent to offer the public an unforgettable soccer spectacle.

But this event goes far beyond a simple sporting demonstration, as it has a noble cause at the heart of its commitment. The gala match brings together stars from all football-related sports, including footgolf, represented by world champion Cédric Bonnot, and Jérôme Raffetto, captain of the French amputee soccer team. All these renowned personalities are joining forces to support the association "Les Coccinelles rouges pour Thomas", which works to help children suffering from pediatric cancer.

The presence of soccer icon Zinedine Zidane adds a special dimension to this charity event. His commitment to humanitarian causes is well known, and his support for this association reinforces the positive impact of this event on the lives of children in need.

The Salon du Football at Z5 promises to be a memorable experience for all participants and spectators alike. In addition to the gala match, visitors will have the opportunity to take part in various football-related activities, attend conferences led by experts in the field, and meet personalities from the sporting world.

Trendex is proud to sponsor this exceptional event in partnership with Zinedine Zidane. By supporting the Salon du Football and the association "Les Coccinelles rouges pour Thomas", we are reaffirming our commitment to social responsibility and our desire to make a positive contribution to society.

We encourage all soccer fans and sports enthusiasts in general to join us at next year's Salon du Football. It's a unique opportunity to live an enriching experience while supporting a valuable cause for children with pediatric cancers. Together, let's make a difference and give them a brighter future filled with hope and support.