Rudy Gobert, the best paid French athlete in the USA, invests in Trendex

The famous NBA basketball player Rudy Gobert, joins Trendex as an investor and ambassador of the startup. Considered by many as the best defender in the prestigious American league, he is also one of its best paid athletes. 

Trendex is an application that allows you to buy and sell shares in the careers of famous or aspiring athletes and artists, under exclusive contract with the platform. 

For the first time, Trendex allows fans to earn money from their passion by betting on the success of the world's greatest talents, present and future.

Rudy Gobert invests in a new French Tech nugget

Trendex strengthens its development strategy. After several signatures of great soccer stars, it is Rudy Gobert's turn to join the adventure. Having already had participations in esport and being passionate about new technologies and innovation, he joins another revolutionary project whose precepts have excited him. 

Trendex allows fans to make new connections with the talent of today and tomorrow, while being able to capitalize financially on the object of their passion. As an investor and ambassador of the company, Rudy Gobert will use his experience as an athlete and his knowledge of sports, especially across the Atlantic, to help Trendex identify and support the next talent. 

Trendex, the future of the Athlete/Fan relationship

Trendex offers users a unique opportunity to own a piece of the career of future talent, from music to sports, and more. Users can purchase exclusive shares of the biggest and most promising talents, which are available in limited editions, and benefit from the increase in value as the talents they represent achieve success. By keeping these shares in their portfolio, users can receive additional bonus credits each month, and gain access to talent performance-based competitions with exclusive prizes. Earnings from the resale of shares, bonuses and competitions can either be withdrawn to a bank account or used to reinvest in new talent.

In placing his trust in Trendex, Rudy Gobert joins an innovative platform that is growing rapidly. Trendex tokens have increased in value by an average of +127% since their launch, with some already reaching up to 10 times their initial value over time. As an investor, Rudy Gobert will help Trendex identify the most promising talent and increase the value of their shares.

" I am thrilled to join Trendex as an investor and ambassador of the platform," said Rudy Gobert. " Trendex offers sports fans a great opportunity to be a part of the success of the talent they believein. Helping to identify the next major figures in sports while helping to grow the platform is a great challenge to take on."

Rudy Gobert's contribution will help Trendex provide an even better user experience and connect fans with the talent of tomorrow. Every week, two new talents from all walks of life but especially from soccer and basketball are introduced on the platform. From established talents like Yoan Makoundou of the French national basketball team, Renato Sanches of PSG, Jesse Lingard of Nottingham Forest, to promising youngsters like the young Lisandru Olmeta of Monaco, goalkeeper of the French U17 soccer team, who have the potential to explode soon... 

Fans can now turn their knowledge of the game and their passion into a real source of earnings. Trendex is also dedicated to helping young athletes and artists finance their debuts and make them popular on the platform, accelerating a whole new generation of promising talent and allowing vocations to become reality.

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the successes of the next stars in sports and not only! Join Trendex now and start sharing in the success of future talent at

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